Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reconnecting with an old friend...

Our staff goes to Hinds each Tuesday afternoon to visit with our students.   The BSU has been so gracious to allow us to meet with them in the conference room.  One of the young men who is faithfully meeting with us came to Bible Club when he was in elementary and middle school.   His family moved away and they went through so very difficult times and we lost touch with them.  When he started Hinds last year, he saw some of our other students and they invited him to the meeting.    We have loved reconnecting with this young man and are amazed at how God has been working in his life.   He really has a passion for trying to follow Jesus and serve Him with his life.

We were able to have some one on one time with this young man last week.    We asked him what his dream was for his life.   At first, he was reluctant to share his dream because he thought we might think it was impossible.   We encouragement him to share it with us.  He said that his life dream was to go to Africa and start an orphanage that would help thousands of children.   Wow.  We told him it was a big dream but that God was very able to handle this big dream.   It was a clear sense that God had given him this dream.

Our hearts were filled with excitement and we begin to think and pray about our role in helping him make steps to see this life dream become a reality.  If you get a chance, please pray for this young man.  I won't give his first name but I'll just call him Dreamer.  I wouldn't be surprised that in 20 years that Dreamer is operating a orphanage right in the middle Zimbabwe.

I just love how God works.  Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little children.